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Cypress Tennis Club Holiday Party

     Well, if you’re talking parties, the recent Christmas soiree, planned and hosted by Abel—with valuable assistance from Liz, Rosemarie, and Kenroy—would be hard to beat. With a big turnout of Club members on hand, it was a special occasion.

     IT BEGAN with some fine dining. The classy cuisine featured some delectable potluck offerings, including an array of Korean, Chinese, and other tasty ethnic dishes. After feasting to the full, everyone moved to the game room for a series of lively activities. Among these were a spin-the-wheel-of-fortune for prizes, an exchange of gifts, and the challenge of guessing the amount of money in a five-gallon container of coins. In that brain-straining contest, Emily must have consulted the stars, the sign of the month, and maybe ESP in order to come up with the winning estimate (which ran well into the hundreds) and thus walk off with a special present. Also, Rodney, that pool-table maestro, organized a mini-tournament, which saw some fancy stroking by Gary, Laura, and Linda and Thom Darke.

     Later, when Richard asked those racket swingers to become musical swingers by joining him as he played his saxophone, they discovered that they had a previously unsuspected talent. Whatever jazz riff he would come up with, they would enthusiastically echo with grooved-in voices in a wave of sound, thereby revealing their true, secret selves—scat singers. (This happening was reminiscent of a recurring conversation on an old-time radio show. One person would say, “Well, you learn something new every day,” and his partner would reply, “You do if you go to the right place to learn it.”)

     THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENING was entertainment by professional pianist Jogi Angelina, who was backed by rhythmic embellishments from drummer Michael. Jogi artistically explored rich harmonies in smoothly moving through an extensive program of show tunes, pop songs, and Christmas carols for a sing-along. She also provided some poignant moments as she told of the wonderful work done by the support group “Healing Odyssey” and recalled how important it had been in her own life. She explained that because of her experiences she would like the Club’s stipend for her performance to be donated to that organization.

     So, MANY THANKS go to Abel, who, along with Liz, Rosemarie, and Kenroy, put together such an enjoyable evening and Club activity.
To sum it all up
With a little rhyme,
It simply was
A very good time.

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